Brand: Tehnologie Medicale


Since 1980 Technologie Medicale has been showing its know-how and its mastery of conception and innovation in the fields of oxygen-therapy and suction.

Over the past few years the product range of Technologie Medicale has been benefiting from technical, ergonomic and aesthetic developments. This now enables the company to offer very reliable, easy-to-use and easy-care medical devices while perfectly meeting the requirements and standards of the healthcare market.

Technologie Medicale still remains faithful to strategic choices which have made its great success: even today all TM medical devices are manufactured in France. This choice is the guarantee to master the quality of TM products and be able to react and adapt faster to the needs of its customers.

Technologie Medicale holds the relevant certificates proving compliance with European quality standards.

Product range: rail mounting systems, catheter holders, jar stands, medical record holders, rail system element, IV stand, clips for rail systems, baskets, mobile catheter holders, mobile suction systems, shelves with drawers, flowmeters with humidifier, pressure regulators, rail adapters, rail systems, suction, oxygen therapy, universal chairs, water manometers.