Brand: Schmitz

Delivery Beds, Doctor's Stools, Examination Beds, Gynecology Chairs, Operating Tables, Stretchers, Urology Chairs

SCHMITZ is a renowned manufacturer of top quality and performance furniture. Innovations in manufacture are a proof of keeping up with the world technology standards. Schmitz manufactures complete furniture for operating theatres and practices among which are the following:

  • operating tables
  • gynecology chairs
  • delivery beds
  • examination beds
  • patient stretchers
  • chairs, carts, cabinets...

Product range: operating tables, delivery beds, gynecology chairs, urology chairs, proctology chairs, anesthesia trolleys, instrument trolleys, trolleys for operating theatres, trolleys for therapy, trolleys for cotton, laundry trolleys, examination beds, nursery beds, medical furniture, medicine and instrument cabinets, screent, infusion stands, chairs, patient transport stretchers.