Brand: Otopront

Audiometers, ENT Workstation, Irigators, Rhinometers, Sinusoscopes, Tympanometers

OTOPRONT is a family owned company from Germany which has manufactured high quality diagnostic devices for 60 years solely for ENT purposes. It does business in 60 countries worldwide and is one of the leading companies in its area of business.


The product range includes: audiometer, tympanometer, ENT workstation, caloric stimulator, BERRA device, rhinomanometer, balance platform, sinusoscope, ear irrigation system with warm water and air, flexible nasopharyngoscope, Frenzel goggles, VNG system, portable endoscopy system, anechoic chamber.

Advance version of audiometer allowing for all standard diagnostic tests like air conduction, bone conduction and speech audiometry.

It features aerial and sound field 125-12500 Hz; IPSI - Counter-lateral masking; HIS, Stenger, SIS and Fouler tests.

Group: Audiometers

Intended for hospitals, health centers and private practices. Its modular design and available equipment allow for combination of any version of work station, depending on practitioner's needs.

Caloric stimulator for irrigation of both ears with warm and cold air. Provides continuous flow of cold and warm air whose temperature is measured in electronic parameters. Digital timer features accurate reproduction of the irrigation period.

Group: Irigators

Caloric stimulator for irrigation of both ears with warm and cold water, controlling time, temperature and water flow through PTC control. Available temperatures: 30ºC, 38ºC, 44ºC and cold water temperature +/-0.8ºC.

Group: Irigators

Instrument for measuring nasal air flow. Based on acoustic impulses it measures the cross section of the nose channel and possible deviations.

Group: Rhinometers

Rhinomanometer is used for functional diagnosis of nasal breathing. Consisting of rhinoresistometer, rhino-acoustic and rhino-move device. The key element of this innovative system is Rhinoresistometry, which is a step forward in the development of active anterior rhinomanometry.

Group: Rhinometers

Highly sensitive ultrasound for examining sinuses with the printer for documenting results.

Group: Sinusoscopes

Tympanometer is used for examining the inner ear with automatic screening. Featuring tests for reduction of reflex and acoustic reflex test. Tympanometer features big, rotating LCD display for reading the results, as well as the printer for printing audiograms.

Group: Tympanometers