Brand: Nihon Kohden

Defibrillators, ECG units, EEG appliances, EMG appliances, Monitors

NIHON KOHDEN has been a leading Japanese manufacturer of medical equipment for 50 years, setting new standards and being the world leader in this field. Great number of medical appliances are divided into 5 basic subgroups.

Product range includes 5 basic subgroups:

  1. Patient Monitoring Systems: bedside monitors (BSM), central monitoring stations (CNS), telemetry monitors (ZS).
  2. Urgent medicine: defibrillators (TEC), bedside monitors (OLG, OLV, OPV)
  3. Cardiology: EKG appliances (ECG), defibrillators with or without pacing (TEC)
  4. Neurology: EEG appliances, EMG appliances, evoked potential

Portable synchronous/asynchronous state-of-the-art defibrillator with multiparameter monitoring. Acti-Biphasic technology. Features as follows:

Large 8.4 inch COLOR TFT display Thermal printer; Pacing detection; Contact indicator Non-invasive pacing and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) Multiparameter monitoring EKG, SpO2, CO2, NIBP, IBPx2 Fast recharge Power or battery operation Battery tests; Event memorization

Nihon Kohden offers a wide range of portable 3, 6 and 12-channel ECG appliances for clinical and ambulance purposes. Every appliance features easy to view, lit, 12-channel screen for monitoring of ECG signals with the installed cardiologic interpretation. Furthermore, the appliance features data storage and data transfer to PC or through modem; thermal printer and battery charge. The ECG appliances are exceptionally reliable and enduring in the field and equipped with the patient cable.

Interpretive desktop ECG appliance 6-channel ECG 3-channel ECG

Group: ECG units

EEG appliance records brain waves. The displayed digital EEG system is on PC. It features 32-channel 100MΩ junction box with 32-channel digital pre-amplifier; LED to check impedance and leads, filters, patient event marker; stand for the accessory box; isolation transformer; digital processing signal.

EMG appliance measures the electrical activity of muscles. The displayed appliance is a digital 6-channel electromioneurograph with evoked potential. It features as follows: desktop-PC, main unit with the control board, input amplifiers, electric stimulation output. System software package includes programs for EMG, QEMG, SEP and NCS (nerve conductibility), EMG: acquisition of continuous and triggered waves, averaging, MUP evaluation, SEP: SEP, SSEP, ECG-SSEP, ESCP, NCS: MCS, SCS, rep. stim., f-wave, H-ref, blink. ref, collision, patient base.

The patient monitor Life Scope J (BSM-9101K) combines state of the art technology with modularity. Nihon Kohden thereby provides a reliable and easy-to-use patient monitoring system. This system expands the Nihon Kohden product line into the high-end market segment by providing another sophisticated patient monitoring system - as you have known over 20 years.

An innovative design combined with an intelligent modular hardware concept - Life Scope J offers a high degree of flexibility. Whether you use standard components or an individually configured system - Nihon Kohden patient monitor meets all your requirements. Various display sizes (15'', 17'' and 19'') can be connected to the autonomous main unit. In order to adjust to all different application areas in the hospital, you can individually configure and connect your system. So you decide about appearance, performance, and finally about the price of your new patient monitor Life Scope J.

Group: Monitors