Brand: Melag


MELAG is a distinguished manufacturer of sterilization devices - autoclaves and sealing devices of the latest technology made in accordance with the highest world standards. It’s entire product range is made exclusively in Berlin, Germany, which is the company’s principal place of business. Melag has been globally present since 1951. Its product range includes instrument washing devices, cleaning and disinfection devices and sterilization containers.

The product range includes autoclaves Class B, Class S, Class VS, cleaning and disinfection devices, instrument washing devices, sealing devices (seals and packs), containers, sterilizers

Autoclave with a single sterilization unit chamber, volume 54 liters, offering enough space for sterilization of a great number of instruments. Side water connection is simple just like in dishwashers. Autoclave Cliniklav 25 is intended for work in operating theatres and daily surgical clinics alike.

Group: Autoclaves

Device for sealing bags for the sterilization of instruments - Successive packing after 2 minute warm-up period. Electronics provide repeated packing following visible and audible verification. Electronic monitoring of every packing process, maintenance of packing temperature, packing speed and contact pressure. Electronic data storage.

Group: Autoclaves

Autoclave from B Class MELAG series, with new design and setting new standards. Featuring Large graphic touch-screen display, size: 12 cm x 9 cm, providing extensive and well organized information for easer handling of the device. Universal sterilization program takes 17 minutes for packed instruments, including effecting vacuum drying, while taking 10 minutes for unpacked instruments. Quick sterilization program takes 8 minutes.

Models in this series:
Vacuklav 40 B+, 41 B+, 43 B+, 44 B+

Group: Autoclaves

Class B autoclave with fractionated pre- and post-vacuum. Independent unit or connected to water feed and drain via the water supply. The autoclave features Universal sterilization program that takes 35-40 minutes for packed instruments, including the effective vacuum drying, while taking 15 minutes for unpacked instruments. Autoclave chamber comes in size of 22 liters and 18 liters.

Models in this series: Vacuklav 23 B+, 24 B+, 30 B+, 31 B+

Group: Autoclaves