Brand: Atom Medical

Incubators, Infant Warmers

ATOM has been in the market of medical products since 1938. Up to now, the company has built world reputation, through its corporate history, as the Japanese manufacturer standing out in the manufacture of quality stationary and transport incubators, baby warmers, phototherapy lamps.

Product range includes: phototherapy lamps, transport incubators, stationary incubators, transport phototherapy lamps, baby warmers.

Group: Incubators

Stationary incubator on HI-Low stand - trolley. Featuring external display: TFT-LCD monitor, temperature control (servo control), temperature setting range, displayed temperature range, indicator of heater output, humidity control (servo control), oxygen supply, audible and visible alarm.

Group: Incubators

Compact and bright transport incubator model V-808 with Hi-Low stand. The front panel features one big door and two openings for hands, while each side has a big opening. Electric heater, LED display, microprocessor control of temperature, monitoring, communication and alarm. Temperature setting range, displayed temperature range, indicator of heater output, oxygen supply, integrated pulse oxymeter (SpO2), audible and visible alarm, protective carrying tubular frame with IV pole and holder for oxygen cylinder, illumination.

ATOM infant reanimation bed on mobile stand - trolley with temperature control function. Class I, type BF. Features continuous operation mode, temperature control, skin temperature monitoring, skin temperature setting range, indicator of heater output, timer, alarms, LED lighting with adjustable intensity. Adjustable platform inclination: forward-backward.