About us

Trivax VV has been operating since 1995 and is located in the business district of Belgrade, the Serbian capital. We are a well established dealer of medical devices in our country and our exclusive scope of activity involves medical devices. Through years we have expanded our range of products and at this moment we are trading with a significant range of medical products manufactured by different companies in Europe, US and Japan. The company is present in the following markets: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, etc.

Trivax VV comprises the Commercial and Technical Department. Every single department is a unit apart, but employees have successfully developed very organized team work especially when it comes to presentation of the brands we distribute and their medical equipment. This is especially true of market exploration, data gathering and interviewing medical practitioners in the health sector with a view to analyzing the current professional needs.

Trivax VV, building

Commercial and Service Activities

Trivax VV distributes a range of European, American, Japanese and other manufacturers of various medical equipment such as:

  1. medical electronic equipment including ECG devices, defibrillators, patient and central monitors, intensive case respirators, anesthesia systems, cardiotachographs, fetal dopplers, incubators, aspirators, inhalators, lasers, ENT operating devices, ophthalmology devices
  2. microscopes and colposcopes
  3. sterilization devices – autoclaves
  4. hand and head diagnostic instruments such as: laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, proctology sets, anoscopes, dermatoscopes, binocular magnifying glasses. head lamps, pressure meters
  5. surgical and endoscopic instruments
  6. operating lamps
  7. operating tables and gynecology chairs, stretchers, hospital furniture
  8. emergency medicine equipment such as stretchers, cardiology chairs, immobilization sets
  9. medical scales

For all goods which we import and market in Serbia we have proper manufacturer's authorization, international certificates of conformity, origin and warranties. Furthermore, all medical devices which we import are duly registered with Serbian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

Trivax VV, showroom