Brand: Oculus

Anomaloscopes, Auto Kerato-Refraktometers, Ophthalmic Microscopes, Trial Frames and Lenses

OCULUS is a family-run business located in Wetzlar, Germany.   Since 1895, OCULUS has been a partner for eye care professionals around the world.  With about 245 employees, OCULUS consistently develops and produces an extensive range of over 150 products at their headquarters in Wetzlar.  All of OCULUS's products are manufactured exclusively in Germany, with over 50% of production distributed worldwide.

Product range: auto kerato-refractometers / Slit lamps, pachimeters, perimeters, Pentacam, ophthalmic microscopes, binoptometers, anomaloscopes, tonometers, topographs, trial frames, trial lenses, binocular magnifying glasses.