Brand: Innovgas


INNOVGAS designs, develops and commercialises innovative devices for use in the perioperative setting. Our aim is to streamline anaesthetic efficiency and optimise patient care.

Product range:

  • shields to protect eyes from externally applied pressure during general anaesthesia
  • dressings designed to maintain eyelid closure during general anaesthesia

The EyeProTM is a dressing specifically designed to maintain eyelid closure during general anaesthesia to protect against corneal trauma and exposure keratitis.

It has an international patent pending, dual zone adhesive system which keeps the eyelids closed but allows safe and easy removal.

The EyeProTM also has a unique central “window” which allows the anaesthetist to check their patient’s eyes remain closed throughout the procedure.

Group: Anesthesia

NoPressTM is a foam and rigid plastic shield designed specifically to protect anaesthetised patient’s eyes from externally applied pressure. It’s patented unitary design and midline flexion device means it resists a high pressure load while still conforming to the patient’s face. NoPress was designed for patients positioned supine or lateral, it is NOT recommended for patients in a prone position.

3M hypoallergenic adhesive allows easy, safe application and removal. Transparent shield allows you to see patient’s eyes. Single shield distributes applied pressure more evenly across orbital ridges, thus reducing force per unit area. Midline nasal flexion device and pre-curved shield ensures excellent facial conformity. Small holes on each side prevent condensation. Adhesive maintains position on face. Single shield allows better fit for different face shapes and sizes.

Group: Anesthesia