Brand: Heinen + Löwenstein

Anesthesia, Polysomnography / Polygraphy

HEINEN + LÖWENSTEIN is a German company manufacturing appliances for anesthesia, polisomnographs, respirators and neonatology. Its outstanding dedication to development of new technologies in the field of medicine has brought the company at the forefront of all leading manufacturers in this field. Development of modern medicine and medical technology are inextricably linked, making company HEINEN + LÖWENSTEIN, in cooperation with other manufacturers worldwide, achieve very quick and great progress, especially in the production of anesthesia and polismnography devices.

This 'personal anaesthesia work station' combines proven ergonomic design and hygienic concepts with top technology.

Rebreathing ventilation performance up to the standard of an intensive ventilator Classical gas mixture via flow tubes Pneumatic ventilator drive Patient system designed for efficient preparation and most easy assembly Absorber change during operation Ventilation technology to care for patients of any age. Ventilations Modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, Man. Spont. (optional SPCV, PSV, HLM)

Group: Anesthesia

The Leon MRI has been specially developed for use in the MRI area with field strengths of up to 40 millitesla. Power spectrum of the Leon MRI: Both the power spectrum and the operation of the Leon MRI, match exactly, without any restrictions, those of the already well-established LEON. A further major logistic advantage can be found in the compatibility of the compact circuit system with the LEON plus, LEON and Leon MRI systems. The position to MRI is monitored by an integrated magnetic field strength monitor.

Group: Anesthesia

Leon Plus is developed modularly as a genuine platform concept. This modern anaesthesia assistant can be integrated completely in your specific work environment and trimmed exactly to your personal operations.

15’’ coloured TFT touchscreen Precise electronic gas mixture in a wide flow range of 200ml/min up to 18 l/min, thus usable from the semi-open to quasi-closed range Various gas sensor options can be selected and integrated on the screen, with and without gas identifications Optional view of 4 real-time graphs simultaneously Monitoring of supply pressures with on-screen display Complete data management with trend display Pressure-supported spontaneous ventilation PSV (ASSIST) Additional safeguard for protection from hypoxic gas mixture settings Additional monitoring features optionally available Ventilation Modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, Man. Spont. SPCV, PSV, HLM Optional: Software upgrade Neonates IMV/SIMV- Mode ; PCV/VTG Volume Guarantee Mode

Group: Anesthesia

LEOSound is a special developed new respiratory diagnostic system. The system is able to record and analyze cough, breath and lung sounds over a long period. The device is battery-operated, small and compact and allows a smooth ambulatory or stationary recording for children and adults.

The Mini Screen Plus is a 10 channel sleep diagnostics-system which has an excellent signal quality and is very easy to use. MinScreenPlus Channels : SPO2, Pulse frequency, 2 effort belts, Flow, Snoring, Body position, Light sensor, Plethysmographie, CPAP/BiPAP pressure (incl. Software for Application and Analyses)