Brand: Haag-Streit

Biomicroscopes, Perimeters

HAAG-STREIT is a leading provider of instruments and medical-practice equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. HAAG-STREIT stands for tradition and innovation in the field of ophthalmology. Their long-term experience has established an advantage in the development, design and production of diagnostic instruments. HAAG-STREIT itself has set the ‘gold’ standard in modern slit lamp microscopy for more than 50 years and keratometry for over 100 years, a standard that is yet to be challenged.   HAAG-STREIT products impress by their precision, functionality and practical handling, the result of a masterly combination of traditional high-precision mechanics and optics with state-of-the-art technologies.

Product range: slit lamps, imaging solutions, lenses, perimetries, biometries, ophthalmic microscopes

LENSTAR LS 900 provides the user with a complete biometrical assessment of the patient's eye in a single measurement procedure, including lens thickness, anterior chamber depth (lens position) and retinal thickness.

The all in one biometer, keratometer, pachymeter, pupillometer and IOL calculator
Get up to nine measurements in one shot, including lens thickness. T-Cone Toric Platform
LENSTAR's unique measurement and planning platform for toric IOL. The Olsen Formula for superior IOL prediction
LENSTAR is the first optical biometer on the market providing accurate measurement of the lens thickness, paired with the on board Olsen IOL calculation formula LENSTAR provides premium IOL prediction for all kind of human eyes. Premium post refractive IOL calculation
Featuring the Shammas No-History, the Masket and the Modified Masket method, LENSTAR provides the cataract surgeon with an easy to use tool for the calculation of post refractive patients.

The Haag-Streit BM 900 has been the standard in modern slit lamp microscopy for almost 50 years - and still is! Over 100,000 professionals all over the world who own a BM 900 agree that it was the best investment they ever made for their practice.

Convergent optics for brilliant views Two "workhorse" magnifications 10 and 16x Short observer to patient distance Brightest illumination available on a slit lamp Excellent optics for fatigue free daily use LED-Power for more details

The BQ 900 stands for excellent optics, versatility and ease of use. The standard for those requiring advanced slit lamp microscopy. A modular system, offering digital video and still photography and a wide range of accessories include teaching scopes, inclined eyepieces and, for retinal specialists, the unique stereo variator.

The versatile slit lamp system Stereo variator, best retinal view even through small pupils Professional Imaging featuring Imaging Module IM 900 Ergonomic, wide aperture optics for fatigue free daily use Economic, high quality, low maintenance and depreciation LED-Power for more details

The Octopus 300 is the compact perimeter for every glaucoma practice. It even fits in a corner and produces accurate results without a dark room.

The Glaucoma Perimeter: Standard Perimetry, SWAP and Flicker testing

Fastest Test Strategy: Full threshold examination within 2:30 minutes Reliability: True fixation control and automated Eye Tracking Networkability: Ethernet connection and EMR interface

Group: Perimeters

Novel perimeter technology for early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one compact sized instrument.

Easy, straight forward operation with touch screen optimized and networkable EyeSuite software that saves you and your patients time. World innovation in perimetry - fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection.

The Octopus 600 extends the successful HAAG-STREIT product range of visual field analysers combining the Pulsar method for early glaucoma detection and standard white-on-white perimetry for long term follow-up in one compact and standalone device. It is the first visual field analyser that performs standard white-on-white perimetry on an integrated flicker-free screen, using TFT and LED technology.

Group: Perimeters

The Octopus 900 is the all-in-one perimeter with astounding productivity for demanding practices, busy clinics and university hospitals.

All-in-One Perimeter: Standard Automated Perimetry, SWAP, Flicker and Goldmann Kinetik Fastest Test Strategy: Full threshold test within 2:30 minutes Goldmann Kinetic: Official successor to the original Goldmann perimeter Reliability: True fixation control and automated Eye Tracking Networkability: Ethernet connection and EMR interface

Group: Perimeters